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 How to surf mList:
1Use up and down cursor keys to select and the middle one to enter.
2You will see information screen followed by an advertisement. All ad screens are designed to stay no more then 3 seconds, but in this beta version you might see some of them lingering on a bit longer.
3Sometimes you will come across a 'Loading' screen. Usually it means there are a few icons to download and might take a few seconds.
4If you receive a phone call while you are surfing, mList will hold where it was. Once you are finished, depending on your handset, you will be asked if you want to resume. Say yes and you are back to where you were on mList.
5In this beta version, most of the information is for demonstration purpose only. So please do not book movies or theatre tickets or otherwise rely on the information.
6If you wish to exit at anytime
press 0.
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